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5 Reasons Why Wireframes Are an Important Part of the Design Process

Every new web design, redesign or graphics needs a skeleton or a basic layout that can serve as the base on which the final structures are constructed. This skeleton usually has no color or image and basically sketches out the outline of how the final pages will look. This skeleton is the wireframe.
The wireframe is a vital part in the process of designing a website and giving it the final finesse. Though the thought of directly creating the final forms may sound tempting, here are the reasons why a wireframe is a must.

 Defining the features and functionality
Every page on a website has a list of features that are required by the client. The placement of those features and their functionality and the way they are interconnected need to be planned out very carefully. A wireframe, with its lack of details offers the perfect solution to the designer and web developer in finalizing it all.

 Creating hierarchy
A rough visual representation of the elements that are required by a client is much easier to sort out than elaborate details. When the outline of these elements is presented, it gets easier for the client to point out the most important ones and separate them from the rest based on which the rest of the designing process can continue in a very smooth.

Determining a user centric layout
Jumping right on to creating beautiful templates and color schemes makes a designer overlook the usability factor. And no matter how great a website is, it cannot be much appreciated unless it is equally user friendly. Wireframes give them the ability to first work around the very user-focused necessities of the interface so that the final layouts can be more approachable to the people who start using the site. 

 Saving time
In case there are major changes that are demanded by a client, then it would be highly tedious if it is all very well finished and structured. A simple wireframe, however, could be much easily replaced or even removed if the need be. The wireframes are lighter and better to handle too which ends up saving a lot of time in the different stages of the design process.

 An organized method of working
Starting with the wireframes helps prevent an annoying and confusing mess of pictures, textures, colors and other elements. The resulting chaos, otherwise, can do much to hinder the whole system.

Just like all creative processes, web design and development too needs a raw sketch that is easier to work on. And wireframes serve that purpose very well.

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