Guide to Local SEO for Small Businesses

The Ultimate Guide to Local SEO for Small Businesses

Have you ever Googled 'the best bakery near me'? or perhaps 'the best plumber near me'? Probably, yes!

Unsurprisingly, we all turn to search engines to look for the nearest stores or services when we need products or services quickly. Due to this shift in how we search for a business, a new SEO methodology called Local SEO has become prominent, but for businesses.

Local SEO may not be a common term for you, bu it’s now the most standard SEO methodology used today by major search engines like Google. It is somewhere similar to organic SEO but includes geographical components.

Although Google was the first to take cues from the ‘near me’ searches, now almost all search engines provide SERPs listing of nearby places by default when users search for something.

But this favor by search engines is only for those businesses that implement local SEO practices on their websites.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire your local SEO guide now to increase your online visibility to local users or simply call our experts at Agilis Tech Labs!

This blog will discuss the mechanism behind local SEO and some SEO tips to help local businesses rank higher in the SERPs.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO

Local SEO is optimizing your business for local searches on all search engines. If a user Googles a similar service, your business will find a way to crawl up to SERPs.

In short, it increases your local traffic!

Factors That Determine Local SEO Efficiency and Tips to Follow!

Contact Page

A dedicated contact page informing search engines about your name, address, contact number, and email is vital for local growth. An elaborative contact page enables a search engine to display your business to local searchers. Make sure to get all your business branches' addresses and contact details.

Ensure your website is optimized for mobiles, and the contact numbers are clickable to enable users to place a direct call through their smartphones.

Don’t forget to add a map to let users correctly locate your store or facility.

Local SEO tip to follow: Create a dedicated contact page with every geographical and location information about your business. Make yourself easily reachable and accessible to users.



Testimonials increase the reliability and trust of users in your business. A couple of testimonials, and you are assured of having more users within a limited time.

Showcasing testimonials is the quickest technique to allure more prospective buyers.

To boost your local SEO, you should display testimonials to gain more points of trust and increase user interest in your local business.

Local SEO tip to follow: Request customers and clients to describe their experience with your business. And don’t forget to display those on your website to catch the attention of search engines since they scourge for credible websites to index.

Schema Markups

Schema Markups

A schema markup converts unstructured data into structured data and allows search engines about what your website is all about. They enable search engines to classify your website’s content as understandable and help you crawl SERPs better, improving your local rankings.

Local SEO tip to follow: You can use tools to add schema markups, such as and Hall Analysis, to enhance your local organic traffic and SERPs rankings.

Review Platforms

Review Platforms

Popular review platforms and local review sites enable you to be present online. Popular review sites such as Facebook, Google My Business, Trip Advisor, and Yelp are imperative if you intend your business suggestion for local searchers to pop up whenever there’s a need.

Local SEO tip to follow: Ensure that you convey appropriate and abundant information about your business, especially on Google My Business, to list yourself as a business. To be searched as a local business, creating business profiles on local review sites is recommended because Google religiously follows a 3-pack system to list out three nearby local businesses around a searcher.

Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

Social media business profiles offer you much-needed exposure to potential customers globally. More social media profiles and claimed businesses will help you reach more local users. More profiles with consistent business services and addresses will generate plenty of information for search engines to process and target you as an endeavoring business.

Local SEO tip to follow: Use as many social media platforms as possible and keep the information authentic and consistent. Frequently changing addresses and services will identify you as a spammer.

And spammers don’t lead the business world for long!

Blog Page

Blog Page

A blog page is essential to provide users and search engines with surplus information and ideas you are trying to convey. Discussing local news, local cities, and neighborhoods will be definitive in increasing your local rankings.

Avoid copied and stolen content! In other words, avoid Plagiarism!

Ensure your content is high-quality and innovative to assure search engines about your genuineness.

Local SEO Tip to follow: Don’t forget to create an attractive blog page and post new and grammatically correct content timely. Also, cover local events and sponsor if possible. Using unofficial terms known to only locals will pull them toward your business hence improving your local SERP rank.

Back-links & Borrowed Audiences

Back-links & Borrowed Audiences

Arranging links is one of the fastest ways to get noticed by search engines, especially when the back-links are posted on a reputed website. Back-links are a sure-shot way to face new audiences that may be interested in you. Building connections with other businesses will help you increase your clientele quickly!

Local SEO Tip to follow: You can write guest posts for similar audiences on genuine websites and request back-links to redirect to your local business. To accomplish this, you can organize local campaigns and invite other businesses to be a part of them to make more affiliates to borrow more audiences.

Wrapping up!

Wrapping up

If you own a local business and want to be the first choice of locals before being renowned globally, follow this simple-to-use local SEO guide and kick high your local SEO rankings within days. Building prominence in your local area is also sensible before being globally acknowledged.

Local SEO tips and tricks mentioned above are easy yet complicated until you are an engineer and know the basics of HTML and other website builders.

Well, don’t worry! There is no scarcity of SEO experts!

You can always hire a local SEO expert to perform all the activities if all this seems like a tedious task to you.

Agilis Tech Labs & Local SEO

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