Top-Five Benefits of Switching to the Cloud

Top-Five Benefits of Switching to the Cloud

Cloud computing is nothing but storing and accessing your data on storage at an external location rather than locally. In fact, you are using cloud computing on a daily basis without realizing it or thinking about it. When you watch a video on Netflix, check the balance of your bank account, or simply use social media platforms, you are using cloud computing.

These days, more and more businesses are adopting cloud computing as it offers many benefits over local storage. Here are top-five advantages of cloud computing:

* Needless to say, cloud computing is cheaper than local storage. Cloud computing eliminates the need of storage devices, space for on-site data storage, and the administrative costs. This is the main reason why small businessmen are so much enthusiastic for cloud computing.
* A hard-drive can fail and a flash-drive can be corrupted, but cloud-based software applications are infallible. So, with cloud computing, you will have greater than 99.99% uptime.
* The best thing about cloud computing is that it is scalable. Cloud computing plans can shrink or grow with the need of your organization as time goes on.
* With the help of cloud computing, you can access data from anywhere, which otherwise is not possible. This feature is very helpful if you have business in different locations. In other words, cloud computing increases collaboration.
Moving to the cloud is not entirely selfish act. It is environmentally friendly as well.

Any three of the above benefits would be enough to convince any business to switch to the cloud. But when you add up all five, it becomes a no-brainer to use the cloud.