Why Do Healthcare Apps Fail?

Needless to say, the market for mobile apps is already vast. And it is going to get bigger day by day. No matter which sub domain of the medical industry you are working in, you cannot shy away from a healthcare app if you want to
achieve your goals.

In 2015, around one billion smartphones were sold. And this is just the double of the number of personal computers sold the same year. So you can imagine the opportunities available for a healthcare mobile app. However, the real
picture is quite different. Though healthcare apps exist, not all are serving the purposes completely. A good number
of healthcare apps fail to secure expected success. Here are top five reasons why healthcare apps fail:

Poor attention to usability

If your healthcare app lacks usability, users will lose interest. In today’s fast paced world, nobody has time to understand the complexities of a mobile app. Therefore, if you want your healthcare app to be a huge success, get an app that includes an in-depth consideration of user experience.

Lack of clinician involvement

When your healthcare app is in the development phase, you must seek the advice of clinicians. After all, clinicians
are the ones who know better than anyone else when it comes to the healthcare industry.

Misguided motivation for a healthcare app

A healthcare app is going to fail if you have the misguided motivation for the app development. You must be clear
in your head about which specific problem you want to address with your app. An app developed without any specific
purpose is most likely to fail, regardless of how elegant your app is.

Poor understanding of healthcare landscape

To know the healthcare landscape is a must to devise a strategy for adoption. If the company you have chosen for a
healthcare app development doesn’t know the nitty-gritty of the healthcare landscape, you will not get the app that will serve your purpose completely.

Failed to use the language of the potential users

Your healthcare app should use the language of potential users. Too many jargon’s and the boisterous claims can go over the heads of users. Use the language that your potential users are comfortable with.

These are the five main reasons why a healthcare app fails to generate traction. The prime objective of a
healthcare app is not the engagement of users,but also the empowerment of users. Remember that a good healthcare app has the power to make the difference in today’s highly competitive scenario. So choose a reliable , experianced company for the development of healthcare app.

May, 20, 2016